Thursday, July 21, 2016

Celebrate the Small Things...

Yay! another Friday. That means we can celebrate anything we want. Please stop by to see what everyone is cheering about this week.
Here's what we're happy about:

  • Wilbur Wheelhorse has been behaving
  • A visit from our younger son for his Birthday
  • Our Mom is doing well
  • Fun chats with my sister
  • progress on editing 2 projects
  • progress on Wilbur's story
What are you celebrating? Be sure to let me know. Happy weekend.


video by Rhonda Patton:

video by Chris Graham:

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Celebrate the small things...

Hi everyone,
Another Friday is almost here so we can celebrate anything we'd like. Be sure to stop by to see what everyone there has to say this week.
Here's what we're celebrating:

  • I won a book by Virginia Wright. So excited about that. here's the link to it:

  • A little chat with my sister
  • Sadly, our little lawn tractor, Harrison John Deere passed away. But the good thing is now we have a new family member, Wilbur Wheelhorse! He's so adorable. I'm even working on a story about him. :)
What are you celebrating? Hope you had a great week.

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 by Rhonda Patton:
by Chris Graham:

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Celebrate the small things...

Here we are with another Friday on the horizon. Hope you all had a great week. Be sure to stop by to find out what's going on with everyone there.

Here's what we're celebrating this week:

  • No name for Brendan's car yet, but it behaved well for the trip to Boston last weekend.
  • A little cookout for July 4th.
  • We had a power outage this week, but electricity was restored sooner than expected.
  • A gift of mine was missing, but I found it this week. So excited about that.
  • Positive feedback on one of my books.
  • My author friend Janice is celebrating her birthday today. She received some of her favorite surprises. :)
  • My author friend, Rhonda Patton, will be releasing her new children's book soon.
What are you celebrating this week? Hope it's been a happy week for you.


video by Chris Graham:
video by Rhonda Patton:

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Insecure writer's Support Group...

Hi everyone,
Since it's the first Wednesday of the month we blog about things we get frazzled about. Remember to stop by to catch up with what everyone has to say.
This week I edited a book for a friend. It was my first experience with editing something that was not my work. I think my suggestions were well received, but waiting for the final verdict on that. As usual, it was a new experience and those things always make me feel uncertain.
What are you insecure about this month? Whatever your fears are, I hope you conquer them.
I just read Julie Flanders' blog with the new question of the month feature. In answer to the question of what's the best thing that's been said about your writing, I'd say I love when young readers tell me one of my books is their favorite and they've brought it to school to share with their friends.

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Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Birthday America!

Happy 240th Birthday America. May You continue to be the land of the Free and the home of the brave, under God's grace. I hope you all take a moment to reflect on your blessings today.
T hank you and have a great day.

copyright 2016: Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Celebrate the small things....

Yay, another Friday to celebrate. Please be sure to stop by to see what everyone has to say. Thank you Lexa for hosting this blog. Here are the happy things we're celebrating this week:

  • Our son, Brendan just got a new car. We're meeting him tonight.  His name will be announced next week. it's still under consideration. :)
  • An lovely email from a friend who is very far away.
  • A surprise visit from one of our sons
  • New children's books coming soon from my author friends, Virginia Wright and Janice Spina
  • Here's a picture of the cover of Virginia's book:

  • A new temporary project
  • the release date for Randi Lee Mailloux's Anthology, The Thing that Turned Me is Aug. 5th. Many wonderful authors contributed to it.
What are you celbrating this week? I'd love to help you share your good news.
copyright 2016: Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Celebrate the small things...

Yay! It's Friday again and time to celebrate all kinds of things. Be sure to stop by to find out what Lexa and her co-hosts have to say.
 Here's what we're celebrating this week:

  • Warm,sunny weather. Summer is officially here, hooray!
  • Chat's with my Mom and both sons
  • Work done on my blog 
  • finished reviewing 2 lovely children's books this week
  • My sister is moving back  near us
Videos: by Rhonda Patton:
by Chris Graham:

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