Thursday, April 25, 2013

Are you Afflicted with "Boredism?"

Imagine that you’re a successful writer of novels. Generally, you’re excited and motivated to begin your next project. But suddenly you’re bored with the whole idea. Our children used to call this affliction “boredism.” What happens next? Should you abandon all your dreams? I think not. Here are some little strategies that might help.

·        Shake things up: You’ve always written novels, but perhaps you’d like to try writing a children’s story instead. You might choose to write about an interesting event in your childhood, such as spending the summers on your grandparents’ farm. Or you might write about your daffy Aunt Lou who always has the family laughing hysterically whenever they meet. Your family events might not seem terribly enthralling to you, but remember that many authors have turned their every day life into wonderful stories. Earl Hamner comes to mind when he wrote Spencer's Mountain, which eventually became the wildly popular series, The Waltons.

·        Talk to a friend: Maybe your best friend is great at lifting your spirits when you have the doldrums. He or she might be just what you need for inspiration.

·        Your writer’s group: If you belong to a writer’s group, discuss your problem with them. I’m sure many of them have had the same dilemma. They might have just the solution for you.

·        Take a walk or do something you love for relaxation: Take a relaxation break. If you love gardening, do that. If you love walking, take a stroll. If you love sports, watch your favorite game. It’ll  give you a new, fresh perspective on things. Even if you spend a short time away from writing, you might find that's all you need to come back refreshed and better than ever!

I hope these suggestions get you back on track so you can create something spectacular.


  1. Hi Deanie! I nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Your comments always brighten my day! The details can be found here:

  2. Thank you so much Melissa! I never imagined anyone would nominate me for such an honor.
    I'm so pleased that my comments brighten your day. Wishing you continued success always.