Friday, May 24, 2013

How do you know if you should be an author? Listen to your intuitions

When I was a little girl beginning to ride horses, I always asked my dad," Daddy, how do I know if I'm posting the right way?" (Posting is rising and sitting when your horse trots) He told me I would know by the way it felt. The same thing happened when I was learning to jump. I had a terrible time trying to figure out when the horse was leaving the ground. Usually, I was on the ground and the horse was staring down at me!  The key was learning to feel when the horse was leaving the ground. It's similar to writing. You can listen to your intuitions. Here are some ways you can tell if you're likely to be following the path that is right for you.
  • Are you having fun? When you're writing, are you enjoying your work? Do you look forward to your next writing project, or are you dreading the time when you're creative skills are working? If writing is not a pleasant experience for you, it could be a sign that  you should try something different.
  • Is writing your passion? If writing is your passion, the enthusiasm will show in your work. You'll be able to inspire and encourage your readers. They'll be enthralled with your subjects. You'll find it's very difficult to craft a boring piece if you are passionate about your work. But if it seems like a chore, you may want to look elsewhere.
  • Are you pursuing your own dreamI think it's important to be sure you're following your own dreams, not those of your parents, or your friends. You must truly want to devote yourself to your writing, be willing to endure the disappointments as well as the victories. If you're not writing because it's something you are doing for yourself, it will be too easy to quit the first time you hit a little bump in the road to success.  When you work diligently toward your goals, it makes victory that much more precious.


  1. Tick, tick and tick. I only started writing a year ago and I couldn't imagine my life without it now :)

  2. Good job, Laura! Look at what you've already accomplished.

  3. A perfect post. You put this very well :D

  4. Thank you, Randi Lee! I really believe in listening to our intuitions. It helped convince me to be an author, so I know it works! D Thanks for being such a good cheerleader!

  5. This makes a lot of sense. I do like writing but I don't know if I should be a book author though.

    1. In time you will sort that out, Dee. I think your intuitions really help a lot with that. I'm sure you'll make the right choice. It would depend on what makes you happy.