Sunday, July 28, 2013

Two for One Reviews by Deb Hockenberry!

Review by Deb Hockenberry: Thebumpyroadtowritingchildren'stories
TITLE: Charlene The Star
Charlene The Star is born on a horse farm in Kentucky into a family of champion race horses. Charlene has big horse-shoes to fill for being such a little foal! Her mother is very patient and sweet with her. She takes Charlene where she can play, learn to walk, and run. Eventually, Charlene’s mother introduces her to other fillies who she can run and play with in the grassy pasture. During this time Charlene finds out that she’s not so sure that she’s cut out to be a racehorse since she doesn’t really enjoy running.

Through this book Charlene discovers that even though all animals look different or are of a different species, they can all work together. She also also discovers that everyone has different talents and that each should be encouraged to develop their talent.

I was very impressed with Charlene The Star. The story is written through Charlene’s voice. It shows how just because she looks different from the rest of her family, she’s really not. It also shows how everyone has their different talents and can help one another through determination.
 TITLE: Charlene The Star and Hatttie’s Heroes
In this book about Charlene, we find her just about to come home to her family from Jumping For Joy Farm. By now Charlene is a champion jumper since she wasn’t much good at racing. There she meets Lily. Lily wants to be a racehorse in the worst way! Along with Lily, Charlene make several more friends. Among them are a chicken, a dog, a pig, a cat, and a sheep. Between all of them they gently encourage Lily to face her fears and to follow her dreams. Like Charlene The Star, Charlene The Star and Hattie’s Heroes is told by the animals and everything is seen through their eyes. 
 I highly recommend both of these entertaining books for your middle reader. Both books are encouraging for anyone who has different talents or even looks different from anybody else (or animal)!
 If you would like to learn more about Deanie Humphrys-Dunne and her books, there are several ways to do this. You can visit her website at, visit her Facebook author page at, or surf over to her Amazon author page at You can purchase Charlene The Star by following this link. If you prefer, you can purchase Charlene The Star and Hattie’s Heroes here. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed! Remember, both books come in Kindle format as well as in print.


  1. Those are great covers. Nice that there are people who will give such detailed reviews MG books. Congrats on those great reviews :)

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  2. Thank you, Nancy. I have been blessed to receive very nice reviews.
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