Thursday, August 22, 2013

Enlightening Interview with Author/ Publisher Sarah Mazor! Part 1

"This morning I have the extreme honor and pleasure of chatting with author/publisher Sarah Mazor. Sarah, I admire you tremendously and I applaud what you are doing for children. Thank you so much for spending time with me today."
"You're most welcome, Deanie. It's my pleasure to be here with you today."
  1. What prompted you to become an author?

    My love for reading and writing most probably stems from my love for language and words. I have long been fascinated by those able to express ideas and thoughts,  in a clear and stylish manner and by those who construct sentences that leave the reader longing for more. It has also been my dream to be counted among the weaver of tales, but life and responsibilities took priority. The reality of raising children and providing for them became the focus of my days. (and blessed I am)
    1. Did anything in particular encourage you to start a publishing company?

      The idea of creating a small publishing company that would give voice to independent authors writing for children came up and I latched on to it with joy! The primary objective of Mazor books is to champion authors who are committed to writing children's books that promote good values and enhance children's intellectual growth, emotional health, and physical well-being. A secondary benefit is the opportunity to write. I have discovered that writing for children is quite a challenge that requires respect for their intelligence and understanding of a world that is charming and magical.
    2.      What are the titles of the books you’ve written?
      To date I have published two books that aim to enhance self-confidence and self-esteem in kids.  Positive Affirmations for Little Boys and Positive Affirmations for Little Girls consist of 26 positive affirmations based on the 26 letters of the alphabet.  In addition I have co-authored with Yael Rosenberg The Hebrew Alphabet Book of Rhymes for English Speaking Kids, in which the 22 Hebrew letters open the world of this beautiful and ancient yet contemporary language to children or all ages.  The Hebrew Alphabet Book of Rhymes also fosters a connection to the Bible and the Land of Israel.
    3.  Your books promote healthy habits and good values for children. Why did you decide to write for children?
      It seems these days that the world we live in has lost its compass.  Progressive ideas require that parents relinquish or abdicate their role as guardians and educators. Sadly, I have known too many honest and good people who lost their children to drugs and too many parents who no longer communicate with their children because of the dangerous life styles the  children have chosen. These parents subscribed to the ‘new age’ gurus of parenting who assured them that by ‘trusting’ their kids and acting as their ‘friends’ rather than their parents they will raise a reformed open-minded and enlightened next generation. Those parents followed the edicts that espouse giving kids the ‘freedom’ to ‘follow their heart’ and to ‘choose their way’ without parental supervision or guidance. Many modern sentiments are laudable, BUT ONLY when anchored in a foundation of good values.  It is important to have an open mind, an attitude of acceptance, a flexibility and ability to see things from a child’s perspective. But a parent’s job description is not limited to cheering their kids on and supporting their wishes and dreams. Parents are obligated to PARENT.  Hands on parenting may be considered old fashioned but it is smart choice! Certainly parents ought to incorporate modern thinking and recognize the differences between today’s children -- the children of the age of technology and the children of past generations. Today, as in the past, parents must communicate to children the difference between good and bad. Parents must teach their children behave i properly and appropriately.Parents must instill in their children responsibility; and parents absolutely must impress upon their children the importance of accountability.  

      The most difficult parental duties include setting boundaries, saying NO when appropriate, and standing fast even when cajoled, begged, or even threatened with the withdrawal of love. 

Oh Deanie, you got me going, I am afraid. But this subject is dear to my heart. This is exactly why I have decided to focus on children’s books that champion good values. I hope our books are not only going to instill good values in children and contribute to their development, but provide mothers and fathers with the encouragement to parent.

              True parental love is not necessarily congruent with being ‘cool’ or ‘progressive' but rather it manifests itself as a consistent focus on what is best for one’s kids. 

                   What is the most important advice that you would like to share with         authors, or people who are considering a writing career?
Write what you believe and believe in your writing. And keep reading and learning. There is always room to develop, to grow and to improve. 
On the financial front: Authors embarking on a writing career must also be aware of reality. As in any profession, there are the very talented and then there are those who are not as gifted. Making a living from writing books is possible but not easy. Only a select few realize overnight success. For most authors its hard word, tenacity, persistence and determination!

(c) Deanie Humphrys-Dunne 2013


  1. Great job on this interview with Sarah. She is a fascinating and highly
    Intelligent person who knows a lot about books, parenting and social skills of children. Her books are wonderful and encourage good behavior and self-esteem in children.

    1. She certainly is intelligent and captivating. She knows a great deal about so many subjects. I admire her talents and the things she's doing to promote good values. Thank you so much for reading her interview.