Tuesday, March 11, 2014

And the nominees are....

The Shauny Award!

I recently received the Shauny Award from my talented author friend, Janice Spina. She bestowed this blog award on all of her followers, too numerous to mention.  I have the honor of being one of them. I'm going to follow her lead and give this award to all of my followers. They are all amazing people, whom I admire.  
Shauny Award
The Rules for The Shauny Award  are quite straightforward:
Show Humanity, Show Love, Be Yourself, Don’t Be Others, Don’t Gossip,
and Share the Love by giving This Award to 10 others.
I want to break the mold, like Mike did, and give this blogging award to all my friends and followers who support me in every way they can.  I am grateful to all of you!
By spreading this award:
I will show humanity.
I will show love.
I will be myself.
I won’t be someone I am not.
I won’t gossip.
I will gladly share the love!
Let me add:  I will support all my fellow indie authors, publishers and anyone who may need my help along their path to being an author.
Congratulations, everyone!

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