Thursday, May 29, 2014

This week we're celebrating...

It's almost Friday again so that means we write about things we're celebrating. VikLit is the one who started this lovely blog so be sure to visit to see what others are cheering about.
This week we're celebrating...

  • My sister and brother-in-law are on their way to Santa Fe. They're moving to Santa Fe for at least a year. I miss them lots so we can't celebrate that, but we can cheer about the fact that they've had a safe trip so far.
  • I've been corresponding with my sister while they're traveling. It's nice to get updates about what they're doing and which state they're in at the moment.
  • The weather here has been nice. After the cold winter, we appreciate it even more.
  • My author friend, Janice Spina, and her husband had a great vacation in Italy and they're home safely.
  • My friend, Claire Power Murphy, has been invited to be a presenter at the Global Official Dignitaries (G. O. D.) Awards at the United Nations. She's very excited about this honor.
Wishing all of you a great weekend.


  1. Sorry you are missing your family, it is good you can still keep in regular contact though. The warmer weather always makes me feel brighter too.
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Thank you, Suzanne, it is hard to adjust,but I'm working on it. My sister is the one who does the illustrations for me so we keep in contact all the time. She's working on the illustrations for our next book.
    Hope you have a nice weekend.

  3. Lots to celebrate this week, have a great weekend!

  4. Thank you, Laura, I hope your weekend is fun, too.

  5. Will you be able to visit your sister and brother-in-law in Santa Fe? That might be a celebration right there!
    Enjoy the lovely weather - and may more celebrations reveal themselves.
    Diana at About Myself By Myself

  6. Hi Diana, I"m not sure if we can visit my sister and brother-in-law in Santa Fe. We don't usually travel much, but we might do it sometime. It's possible they will come back here, but we're not sure. Thank you for the good wishes and for visiting. Hope you're enjoying the weekend.