Friday, August 3, 2018

Growing up at Sweetbrier

Some of you may know I grew up at a riding school called Sweetbrier. Do you know how it got that name? The original owner named the farm Sweetbrier because of a variety of roses that flourished there. Residents of  Easton, the farm's location, said people came from miles around to see those gorgeous flowers. But, if you weren't a fan of flowers, maybe you came to Sweetbrier to visit with the horses. There were all shapes and sizes of horses and ponies because we taught children and adults at the magical place called Sweetbrier.
Did you know, even the Budweiser Clydesdales came to visit when the Barnum Festival was in town. Generally, nine of the huge horses stayed with us. People called daily to inquire about visiting hours for the famous horses. Each of the big steeds had its own personal groom to tend to every need. For example, each Clydesdale at at least fifty pounds of high quality hay each day and as much as fifty pounds of grain.
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