Wednesday, August 17, 2022

New book review for Sophie Washington Queen of the Bee


“Sophie Washington Queen of the Bee” was fun to read. In the beginning, ten-year-old Sophie is annoyed at her little brother Cole for telling their parents about the upcoming spelling bee at school. She doesn’t want to enter. It’s mentioned briefly that Sophie has dyslexia and needs to study very hard to succeed. Although Sophie’s brother teases her about the spelling bee, he does something surprising that proves he cares about his big sister. He light-hearted banter between them is humorous and entertaining.

Once Sophie begins preparing for the spelling contest, she motiviates herself by her desire to beat Nathan, the class know-it-all.
As the main character, Sophie grew in her understanding of Nathan. She found a reason why he might act arrogant.
Although the illustrations were not in color, they were nicely presented. I noticed a couple of typing errors in the book. But I feel that children will enjoy it and learn from it. And I felt that Sophie’s parents were good role models for children and families.
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