Friday, September 1, 2023

My Review of Little Miss History Travels to The USS Slater, Destroyer Escort


If you’re familiar with Barbara Mojica’s wonderful History books, you know she creates captivating stories of Historic events, all beautifully illustrated by her husband, Ramon.  This story describes the USS Slater, a Destroyer Escort. Readers will be fascinated by both the details of life on the Ship, and the illustrations which perfectly compliment the book.

You’ll love the tour of the ship as well as learning about the various sections of it and what their purpose was. You’ll learn about the weapons on the ship and their purpose. Once you finish reading the book and enjoying the pictures, you can test how well you remember the details by looking at the glossary at the back of the book.

I believe it’s essential for children to learn about history and Barbara Mojica’s books are perfect to accomplish that.  I highly recommend this book. Any of you who are not familiar with these books should read the series. They are amazing and perfect for class projects and discussions.


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