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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Looking for the Key to Success? Here it is!


Everyone is looking for a magic ingredient; something that will lead to accomplishing your goal, whether it’s achieving your dream of becoming a published author or something else. We don’t always find easy answers, but rest assured there are essential ingredients you need that will lead you on your path to victory. Let’s explore what they are.


·     Find your passion-No matter what your dreams are, you need to do some thinking to discover your passion. Have you always wanted to be an artist? Maybe you imagine yourself as the next accomplished concert pianist. You might love dancing more than anything. Regardless of your passion, pursue it, even when you feel discouraged.

·     Dedicate yourself to reaching your goal-. One thing that’s important is to find a reputable coach. If you want to become a successful author, take a writing course from an established school.  For example, I studied at the Institute of Children’s Literature. At first, I wasn’t sure I had the talent, but after I took the aptitude test and enrolled, the instructors encouraged me. They pointed out weaknesses in my work, but they never failed to highlight the new skills I learned, or the things I did well in my assignments. Their encouraging words helped keep me motivated. This was so helpful because new ventures always make me a little apprehensive.

·      Don’t listen to people who doubt your abilities- No matter what you undertake, there will be people who are not supportive. Perhaps your friends keep telling you that you’ll never succeed. Or they might constantly drone on about how few authors actually succeed in getting their work published. Never fear because you have an advantage. You are determined to persevere. You realize that in order to reach your goal, you must not quit. The only thing that giving up on your dreams will insure is that you will never reach them. You may be very close to realizing your passion, so don’t give up! That would be a shame. Besides, you should keep in mind that even Dr. Suess got dozens of rejection letters regarding The Cat in the Hat, but look what happened because he persevered!

·     Only present your best work- Don’t be afraid to edit your work. It’s rare that your first draft is your best. Have you checked your spelling and grammar? Does your main character grow? Is your subject age appropriate? Did you introduce enough conflict? All of these elements are necessary if you want to create an irresistible story.

·        In summary-

  • Discover your passion and pursue it, even when you’re having a bad day.

  • Dedicate yourself you success. If you put in the effort,  you will be confident that everything you create is an example of your finest work.
  •  Never give up on your dreams. I’ll bet you’ll find you can achieve much more than you ever imagined. You are in charge of your destiny so you are the only one who can determine the outcome.


  1. Love this! I'll share it on Twitter for you.

    1. Thank you so much, Sherry! So happy you enjoyed it and thank you for visiting my page.

  2. Good encouragement, Deanie. Thanks. Maria at Delight Directed Living