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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Who is Charlene the Star?

Introduction to Charlene the Star:

A children's story by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

Charlene the Star was a beautiful red horse. Her family was filled with famous racehorses.. Her big
brother, Charlie, was already well-known at only 3 years old. But what happens when Charlene doesn't like racing? How will she tell her mom? How will she show her trainers that she would rather not be racing around the track? Will she become a model instead? She will have to be very clever to solve these problems. Her career takes many twists and turns before she finds her place to shine.
The story of Charlene the Star is amusing and entertaining. Charlene shows children that it's okay to have different talents than your friends, even when you're not sure where you fit in. The trick is to find your natural gifts and develop them.

Here are some comments from the review by author/reviewer Geri Ahearn:

 Why was Charlene doing crow hops and yawning, while she was supposed to be racing with Ann and Blossom? How did Charlie respond when Charlene told him that she was embarrassed that she was last at the finish line? How did Charlene do at her First Real Jump? I highly recommend this book to children, parents, and teachers. Deanie fills each page with motivation and inspiration. This easy to read children's book is delightful and educational as it teaches young children to reach for the stars, and follow their dreams. The author teaches the young reader how to follow the footsteps of a good role model, and the importance of doing your best, regardless of which career path you choose. More important, with time and patience, our talents will blossom in our special place in the world. Did Elliot's friendship and Mary's praise make Charlene feel proud? How did Charlene do at the Sterling Club? Was number thirteen a lucky number for Charlene? How did Charlene's goals and dreams differ from the dreams Charlie had at her age? Does Charlene become a champion? "CHARLENE THE STAR" is funny, heartwarming and as entertaining as THE HORSE

 Review by author Sherry Ellis:

Charlene the Star is a lovely story that would appeal to kids age 7-12. The dialog between the animals is delightful. It's fun to be "inside" a horse's head to know what the animal is thinking. There is also a sweet friendship that develops between Charlene and a big dog named Elliott. Elliott proves to be a very supportive friend when Charlene needs him. The inherent message of the book is to find your talent and then work hard to develop it. This is a nice message that young kids need to hear. Charlene the Star is a enjoyable read, and one that I would recommend.



  1. That's our family dog, Elliott, on the cover with Charlene. Isn't he handsome? He's really important to the story, too!

  2. If anyone would like to leave comments, I'd be happy to read them and reply. I'll return the favor and visit your blog or web page as well. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Congratulations on your book! It sounds really sweet!

  4. Thanks, Amy. Charlene is funny because the story is told from her point of view and she has definite ideas about what she wants! She surprises everyone with what she ends up doing.