Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Writer’s Block? Surprising ways to fix it

You’re not getting any ideas for a new children’s story. You’re staring at your computer, expecting it to help you out of the rut. We’ve all been there. It’s horribly uncomfortable; almost like being marooned in the dessert and not knowing when the rescue crews will find you. Here are a few hints on how you may be able to write that amazing story kids will adore.

·        Take a break: Often just taking a rest and focusing on something you enjoy during your leisure time. Maybe you love gardening. Perhaps taking a brisk walk is something that’s relaxing to you. Just find an activity that will refresh you and recharge your batteries.

·        Look into past experiences: You may have treasure troves of story gems from your childhood. Think of famous authors like Earl Hamner who wrote Spencer’s Mountain, the book on which The Waltons was based. He wrote incredible, sensitive, riveting stories about real life events from his childhood.

·         A remarkable event? Perhaps there was an occurrence in your past that was incredible. Was there something that made you exceptionally happy? Was there an event that changed your life or your attitude? Was there an obstacle you had to overcome?  You may think your childhood was boring, but others may view it differently. You could have unbelievable tidbits just waiting for you to discover them.

·        What about your children? You may have young children who constantly entertain you with their antics. You may be able to create an entertaining, informative book, which includes some to their quotes, or deeds.

·        Remember Teddy Roosevelt: Most people know that Teddy Roosevelt was one of our most exuberant leaders. He was curious and colorful. He knew that we must all believe in our abilities. In fact he said, “Believe in yourself and you’re half way there.”  That’s not to say you have to be boastful, but you’d be wise to remember that you are capable of amazing feats. You are the master of your destiny. You may surprise yourself with what you can achieve.

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