Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Inspiring Interview with Author Anna Tshekeche


 "Today I have the honor of speaking with author Anna Tshekeche, who has just published a wonderful children's picture book called Tsuro to the Rescue. Welcome, Anna, I'm thrilled to be spending time with you today and I know my readers will enjoy finding out more about you and your book."
"It's a pleasure to be here with you today, Deanie."

l. Tell me a little about yourself: 
My name is Anna Tshekeche. I was born in a small, rural town in Zimbabwe. My parents were subsistence farmers who worked very hard to support my six siblings and me. I was educated in Zimbabwe, but once I got to Texas I went back to school to become an elementary school teacher. I loved reading and writing even as a child. I decided at an early age, that I would write children’s stories.
I have two grown daughters and four grandchildren.
2. Where did you get the idea for your new book, Tsuro (Rabbit) to the Rescue?
Story telling is part of life in my country. These stories are told to teach fundamental values. My mother had a story for every situation that arose. Her stories taught us life lessons in a non-threatening, but thought-provoking way. I decided to write Tsuro to the Rescue to perpetuate what our mothers and grandmothers did before us. I decided to write these stories so that all children could enjoy and learn from our African culture.
3. What is the main idea you would like your readers to remember from your book, Tsuro to the Rescue?
A short while ago, I was reading with a group of children, when one child raised his hand and said, “When you have a child, you must look after him yourself and not let other people do it for you, right?” He got it absolutely correct! Being responsible is the main theme of this story. Nandi is a real model of motherhood. Tsuro's actions display helpfulness.
4. The illustrations in your book are beautiful. Who is your illustrator?
    My illustrator is Curtis King and he absolutely managed to depict what I was saying.
5. How do you plan to introduce your book to children?
   I will read with children in libraries and schools so as to answer their questions and explain why things happen the way they do. Community involvement is a big part of our life, yet some cultures may see it as interference when the elders pull Jojo ( Nandi's husband ) aside.

6. What do you like to do in your spare time?    
     I enjoy gardening, sewing, and spending time with my family.
7. Where can people purchase your book?
   My book is available on Amazon.com, as well as from my website,  www.authoranna.com.

 "You're an inspiring person, Anna, and a great role model for children. We'll look forward to speaking again soon. I so enjoyed our time together today."


  1. This is a wonderful interview. You did a great job Deanie. I feel I know her better now myself. Anna is a truly inspiring person.

  2. Thank you so much, Janice! I always look forward to your comments. You're such a great cheer leader and I appreciate that. D