Thursday, August 22, 2013

Enlightening Interview with Author/Publisher Sarah Mazor! Part 2


What are your goals for yourself and your company?

 The original plan called for Mazor Books to publish one book per month, but we are well ahead of that forecast. Our most important goal is to produce worthy children's books that will enrich children's vocabulary, contribute to their intellectual growth, and promote their emotional and physical health
I hope our books will not only instill good values in children, but provide mothers and fathers the encouragement to parent.
What is the most exciting thing that has happened so far, regarding your books, or your publishing company?
My children, 16 year old Ari and 15 year old Michali, published their first children's books. Ari wrote Clothes have Feelings Too ! And Michali's book is titled What I Want to Be When I Grow Up By far their delight and pride in their accomplishment has been most gratifying.
Are you working on any new books now?
Currently I am editing two delightful books by Mark Eichler, one of our authors. We are also working on an ABC book that focuses on modes of transportation. I am also involved in editing several books in our "Taste of Hebrew" series, and others as well.
For a full list of our books please visit:
How do you get ideas for your stories?
Having a clear agenda, the promotion of good values, provides a framework for our books. Story ideas also stem from my childhood experiences and from my children's early years.
Is there anything else you'd like to share?
Illiteracy breeds poverty and desperation. Research shows that 67% of kids who cannot read proficiently by the end of fourth grade will end up in jail or on welfare. This impacts the entire nation and we must do something about it!
On the other hand, numerous studies show that children who engage in reading activities early do statistically better in all levels of education and are more likely to succeed in life.
I urge parents, grandparents and guardians to encourage reading, or better yet, read to and with their kids.
 "We've had a delightful visit today, Sarah. It was such fun finding out more about you and your plans. I'm sure my readers will enjoy discovering what a remarkable lady you are! I wish you many blessings and continued success."

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