Sunday, August 11, 2013

Interview with Pie, a Very Special Horse!

“Good morning, everyone, today I’m extremely excited to be interviewing Pie, a very special, well-known farm horse. He’s the subject of the book called, Pie, An Old Brown Horse (That knows what he’s doing)
“Welcome, Pie, I’m thrilled that you saved time for me so we could chat. Thank you so much for doing that for me. I know my readers will love learning about you. Did you know I’m going to put your interview on my Kid’s Korner Blog, too?
Pie: “Oh, I love kids! I’m so happy they’re going to read about me!”
“We’ll get on with our interview now, Pie. I promise we won’t take too long.”
  • I understand that you are almost 39 years old. That's amazing! Do you have a special diet? 
        I do have a special diet. I have an endless supply of equine senior. I get half a   bucket of alfalfa cubes with my morning meal to give me something to suck on during the day. In the evening I get a large stack of hay and another half bucket of alfalfa cubes.
  • What do you enjoy doing more than anything?
         At this point in my life, I love a good roll out in the hot sand to scratch my back; then a short nap under the pecan tree before I start eating my alfalfa cubes.
  • I know you live in Texas. How do you stay cool in the Summer? 
        I stay in the shade and the keeper has given us all fans in our stalls. If it gets really hot, she will come out and spray us down with the hose, so when I go under the fan, it feels really good.
  • Do you have other horses to keep you company?
        Right now there are five other horses in our barn. The number changes if the keeper finds another horse that needs our help.
  • Who are your favorite friends at the ranch?  
         Right now, Durango is my pasture mate. He is a big paint horse that I can boss around. He is quite fun to chase off his hay and pester. He is a good sport about it, so I would have to say he's my favorite right now.
  • What is your favorite treat?  
         My favorite treat is baby carrots. I will follow you around if you have sugar cubes in your pocket.
  • Did you give Kandy Kay the idea for your book? If you did, how did you get the idea?
        Yes, I gave her the idea. She kept saying I had such an amazing story, that it needed to be shared, so I told her, "why not?" 
  • Now that you are famous, and have your own book, do kids come to visit you?
        I have kids and adults come to see me. I even have a treat fairy that comes by and drops off large bags of alfalfa cubes!
  • If Kids and their parents want to email you, or buy your book, where can they find it?  
        My email is easy:
  "Thank you so much, for doing a great job answering all of your questions, Pie.  I’ll bet you worked up quite an appetite. Why don’t you have a snack of carrots, now? Kandy Kay told me you love them."
“Oh, I’ve enjoyed being interviewed so much today, Deanie. I am getting hungry, though. Carrots sure would hit the spot right now.”

Kandy Kay, I’ll just ask you a few questions so that people will know more about you.

  •     Is Pie’s story your first book?
              Yes, Pie is my first book.
  • Do you have any plans for a series of books about Pie?
       At first I did not, but the old guy has so much to say, it looks like there will be at  least one more.    
  •  Are you working on any books now? 
      Yes, I am working on another one, but don’t tell Pie. It is about another horse and  we don’t want to take anything away from the old guy’s 39th birthday coming up this month.
  •  What else would you like to share with us?  
  Just remember his message, don’t throw a whole life away just because it is broken and bruised. That is the main thing both of us want  people to come  away from this with interview knowing.  
“Thank you so much, Kandy Kay for joining Pie’s interview. We’ve had so much fun together and I look forward to talking again soon.”   
“It was our pleasure to meet you and talk with you today, Deanie. Thank you so much for inviting us. 
 Pie’s interview where he talks!


  1. Hi Pie, you should like a wonderfully wise horse! Congratulations on your new book.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Suzanne. Pie is really cute. He sends all his books in pretty red envelopes. Kandy Kay says he insists on it! We had lots of fun on the interview.

  2. This is a really cute interview. Pie sounds like a really fun horse. that is going to be a great birthday celebration.

    1. Hi Murees,
      Thank you for stopping by to read Pie's Interview. He is such fun. I'm happy that he had his book published so people will learn about his important message.

  3. Thanks, Sherry, Pie is very special. His story was really interesting, but the sad parts always made me cry. Pie is having a big Facebook party for his birthday on the 17th.
    Regards to everyone. Hope you're enjoying your new home.

  4. This was a wonderful interview. Pie and Kandy are both fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment, Janice. I expanded the interview on Kid's Korner because Pie told me about being a therapy horse. He was lots of fun. So happy you like the interview.