Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Think Positive and expect success!

Whether you're an aspiring author, or an established one, we all feel unsure about our careers from time to time. We allow fears to creep in, which cause us to doubt our abilities. We start thinking negative things such as: Will anyone read what I write? Will I ever get a good idea to write about? Will I be good enough to even be considered? Will anyone buy my work? If we want to succeed, I believe we should make some changes in our thought process. Here are some suggestions:
  • Set a realistic goal: It's vital to have goals so we have something to challenge us. We need something to work toward. Otherwise, we're wandering around with no direction, like a person driving around without a destination.
  • Imagine yourself reaching your goal-Think of yourself as if you've accomplished what you desired. I've researched this and found that experts think it's important to visualize that what you want in order to it to become likely. It's a way to constantly reinforce your dreams. You may know that some of the most accomplished athletes practice this technique. 
  • Keep your thoughts positive: If you think positive thoughts you attract good things. Besides, negative thoughts depress you and you won't accomplish anything useful.
  • Surround yourself with people who support your efforts: By this I mean to associate with people who understand your objective and encourage them. It doesn't mean they must always agree with you, but they should support your goals.
  • Remember to appreciate your talents: When we were growing up, my mom constantly reminded us to "Be grateful for what we had." She'd be likely to use that phrase if we weren't too fond of the menu for dinner. D Seriously, though, we should all be glad that we are able to write and create stories that people enjoy. It's our passion. We should nurture it and remember what a blessing our natural gift is.


  1. All good advice, Deanie especially when I'm feeling just a little insecure myself right now.
    Happy writing.

  2. Thank you, Suzanne. I hope the little hints help you feel better and more confident.

  3. These are great tips, Deanie. Thanks for sharing them.

  4. Thank you so much, Susanne, I love to hear from you and I hope my hints are helpful. Have a great day.

  5. Excellent point about staying positive - I swear I am my own worst enemy sometimes :)

  6. We can all be very hard on ourselves sometimes. We should remember that what we think often becomes reality.

  7. This is awesome and inspirational advice, Deanie! Thanks :)

  8. Thanks for the boost of positivity Deanie!
    "Be grateful for what you have" - sounds like my mom's voice too...
    If you do some research, then you'll discover that having a roof over your head, a plate of food on your table and a bed to rest in at night is a blessing, and anything extra is a luxury.
    If you have these three things, then by global standards, you are extremely fortunate and also quite rich! There are millions out there who are starving every day...

  9. You're welcome, Michelle, People who appreciate even the small things are definitely more cheerful and a positive attitude is helpful, no matter what your goals are. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Best wishes.