Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New review for Tails of Sweetbrier

Tails of Sweetbrier

This is an autobiography of an amazing little girl who is born with some physical challenges which were thought to permanently limit her activities.  But not for this girl!  She is determined to overcome all through hard work and fortitude.  With the help of her never tiring father she learns not only to walk, but goes on to become competitive horse rider.  This was not a result of wishful thinking but of trying and falling and trying again. 
This story will inspire anyone who reads it.  Apart from teaching children what it takes to become a horse rider, it also shows children how to love and care for their special animals and how to truly be a friend to all. 

I like that it is written in a very gentle voice which helps children to see that anyone can achieve great things if only they never give up.
Reviewed by author,  Anna Tshekeche


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