Thursday, October 23, 2014

5 things about me

My friend and aspiring author, Murees Dupe` mentioned me and tagged me to post 5 things about myself so here we go:

  1. I love chicken. Whenever I had a bad day, my Mom would cheer me up by making it for dinner.
  2. I love the Summer season. Every winter, I miss the weather in Florida, where we used to live.
  3. I love music, especially classical music.
  4. I used to be a voice student.
  5. Any dessert with coconut would be at the top of my list. If it happened to have chocolate, too, that would be heavenly.
Thanks for thinking of me, Murees. Wishing you blessings, as always.
These are the people I will tag to write 5 quick facts about themselves. Of course, you may choose not to participate if you like.
  • Linda Black
  • C. Lee McKenzie
  • Ann Morris
  • Crystal Collier


  1. Hi, Deanie. It was fun leaning a few new things about you. : )

  2. Thank you, Susanne, so happy that you stopped by and commented. Hope you have a great weekend. Best wishes as always

  3. Hi Deanie.
    I've also been tagged by Murees but still need to post...
    It was great learning more about you.
    We have 2 in common - I also love my classical music and I sing (but I've never had formal voice lessons).

  4. Hi Michelle,
    So nice to have you visit and comment.I think music is such fun, as is singing. Classical music is under appreciated I think. I used to play waltz music till it practically gave my parents headaches.
    Have a great weekend.