I can imagine how happy you were on  that very special day, Brandon. I'm sure
Karazan was just as glad to have a new home with you.
Tell us some of the things you do with Karazan every day.
I brush her and feed her treats, like carrots and apple treats and I get to ride her
when there's no snow on the ground.
I'll bet Karazan loves those carrots and apples. I've seen a video that your Mom 
sent. Karazan behaves so well for you. You make a great team.
What do you like most about Karazan?
I like that she has the same hair color as me. She's a redhead just like me! I
like that when I go in the field, she comes over to see me
What are some of the things you like to do when you're not riding
I like to play hockey, play baseball and football, horseback ride lots of horses, and
explore outside.
I'm glad you have fun doing all of those things, Brandon.
Do you have any idea what you might like to do when you grow up? 
I want to be a vet and run my own animal rescue.
Oh, that's exciting, Brandon. I know you'll be a wonderful vet and all of the 
animals you rescue will be so grateful. We have a dog that we rescued and he's the
best dog you could ever imagine.  His name is Elliott. He's even in some of
my children's books.
Is there anything else you'd like to add?
I don't think so.
We had fun together, Brandon. I'm so glad you came today. By the way, I love all
 of the pictures of you and Karazan. I hope all of your dreams come true.