Monday, January 25, 2016

Animal stories for kids: Faith

What if you write animal stories for kids? Have you ever written one about the faith of one little girl? I bet you’ll love the story of little Breanna Carsey. Her true story is absolutely amazing in so many ways.
Everyone has dreams and Breanna is no exception. She was eight years old when she announced she wanted her parents to buy her a “mommy horse,” or a brood mare. At first, Breanna’s parents planned to tell  her this dream was just not going to happen. Why? The family didn’t have a farm and they had a very limited budget for a horse. The maximum amount they could spend was $2,000. Of course, Breanna’s baby horse would have to be trained as well. It would be another expensive detail.
Breanna’s Dad, Steve, admits “She has Daddy wrapped around her little finger.” Eventually he agreed to go to an auction for a look around. Most of the horses were too expensive, but Breanna had looked at the sales catalog. She asked her Dad to check out a horse called  “Image of a Sweet Girl.” Did Breanna have a reason? Indeed she did.  She said, “Daddy, I want to grow up to be a sweet girl so this is the perfect match.” Image of A Sweet Girl” would be having a foal, but no one expected the baby horse to be anything extraordinary. She’d already had 4 foals and none of them had a good racing record. But what did Breanna say? “Daddy, you got to have faith.” She named the little foal “MJB Got Faith.” 
Where did she get the name.  The initals M was her sister, MacKenzie , J for her brother, Jordan, and B for her name.
Breanna “loved him and played with” the new baby horse, even in the wee hours of the morning. She insisted her horse was “something special.” When MJB Got Faith started his training, everyone agreed he didn’t seem very fast. He was a trotting horse. When he entered his first race only Breanna expected her horse to win.  Not only did Breanna’s horse win his first race, but his second, third and fourth one as well. Those wins qualified him for the Ohio State Championship Trotting race. Again, he wasn’t favored to win but Breanna believed he would beat the more experienced group of horses. Breanna’s Dad said,”Baby, if he gets third place you gotta be so grateful.”  Breanna said, ” Daddy, I am grateful, but he’s going to win. You got to have faith.” Guess what?  He won! Breanna took part of the winnings and donated it to charity. She saved the rest  for the day when she can buy a farm where MJB Got Faith could relax. She’s dreaming of the day when she can walk out the door and play with the horse she loves.
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