Thursday, September 8, 2016

Baby Moo is now available!

Baby Moo has a dream. He wants to travel the world and sing on the stage of the Sydney Opera House! While he loves his home at Sunrise Sanctuary, it hasn’t been the same since a piglet named Nathan showed up and stole all the attention away from Moo. Jealous of the new baby, Moo decides now is the time to make his escape and pursue his dream.
But the world outside the sanctuary gates is not quite the fun and exciting place Moo imagined, and he quickly finds himself in big trouble. Moo's friends Missy the dog and Ruthie the cat rush to help him, and land in some trouble of their own.

Lost and frightened, Moo and his friends must rely on each other to find their way back home. Will they ever see Sunrise again?

My review of Baby Moo's Great Escape:

A story young readers will love!September 8, 2016
This review is from: Baby Moo's Great Escape (Paperback)
Baby Moo's Great escape is an entertaining story with several helpful messages. We start out meeting a restless Baby Moo, who wants to seek his fortunes as a singer. So he leaves his home, the Sunrise Sanctuary. Barely outside the gate, Baby Moo has a terrible experience. His friends Missy and Ruthie, rush to the rescue and start planning Baby Moo's rescue. During the adventure, Missy is badly injured so the three friends help as best they can. The story plot has interesting twists, sure to keep the young readers anxious to turn the pages. In the end, Baby Moo learns important lessons. I highly recommend this story. Congratulations Julie Flanders on your first picture book.
* I was given a copy of this book and chose to review it.


  1. Thank you again for this review and for sharing, Deanie!! You're the best.

  2. Anytime, Julie. Yay for you and Baby Moo! Happy to celebrate with you. :)