Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Who needs an editor and when?

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If you're a children's author, or an author of any genre, you might wonder whether you need an editor and when you should  hire one. There are some steps you might consider doing first. Here's what works well for me, as a children's author of five books:

  • Have you revised your work enough? For example, have you looked for common overused words that are often not necessary like, "that" "I guess" "maybe" "I think" "sort of", etc?
  • Have you developed your characters well? Do they have different personalities?
  • Have you described the scenes so readers feel connected to the characters and events?
  • Do you have a good opening to "hook" the readers and make them want to see what happens next?
  • Do you have a conflict, or problem, for the main character to solve? Conflict is important to the success of your story.
  • If you've done all of these things, do you have beta readers who can give you their opinions about your work? It's great to have more eyes on it because it'll give you a fresh perspective. They'll likely see things you missed, or give you new ideas.
  • Assuming you've done these things, you're probably ready to send it to an editor. A good editor will check for unrelated scenes, overused or unnecessary words, poor grammar, etc. to be sure your work is as polished and professional as possible.
Thank for stopping by. I hope these suggestions help you create the perfect story.
copyright 2017: Deanie Humphrys-Dunne


  1. As an independent author of over two dozen books, I definitely believe in getting your book edited. Before my scripts go to my editor, I have friends, other authors, and acquaintances look at my script. Criticism isn't easy, but corrective criticism is great as it helps you make the script better. Speaking of corrective criticism, you still have the option of going with your heart when it speaks to you. Great subject, Deanie!

  2. Thank you, Virginia. I imagine many authors would like to be as talented as you are. I love your books and I agree with your comments on editing.