Saturday, February 24, 2018

Interview with Tim Benson, filmmaker and storyteller -part 4

Hi Everyone,
Today I'm welcoming back Tim Benson, amazing filmmaker and storyteller for another part of his interview. We'll get right to the questions.

Do you have a favorite character from one of your stories? 

Oh wow, I have so many favorites....but for brevity sake, I’ll wittle it down to two that I’m especially fond of:  

Calvin, (in “The Bike”) is a 10y/o boy who starts his own lawn care business. He’s on a quest to buy the Retro Rocket - his DREAM bike. He’s saved for over 6 mos and is getting close. This is a special boy. 

And of course, Mia, (in “Cupcakes”) She’s a beautiful soul and takes on the most formidable of foes. Girl Power!
I bet I'd like both of them, too, Tim. No doubt they're fun to meet.
Do your stories have a message? 
I tell stories that celebrate children and families and the relationships that knit us together. I explore our vulnerabilities, our fears, our strong will, and our enduring hope and dreams for the future. My characters are ethnically diverse and showcase the fact that we are all human with the same basic wants and needs. I tell stories about grit, determination and perseverance. When all is dire and it looks like there’s no way, we must fight on. Never give up. 
I'm sure your characters have many fans, Tim and I l love the "Never give up" message.
What are your long-range goals? 
My 5-year plan is to continue writing and directing my own films, both animation and live action. My next project after Cupcakes, will be a short live action film, The Bike, which I will produce and direct in my home city of Rochester, NY. My longer-term (and dream creative venture) is to write/direct feature length animated films. 
I hope you achieve all of your goals, Tim. My bet is you will.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Sure, I guess one more thing before we sign-off....I’d like to encourage all aspiring artists (whether it be writers, painters, singers, musicians, etc.), that it’s NEVER too late to express yourself in what you have passion for. I started my creative journey in the middle part of my life, but I (God willing) still have another 40 years of writing and filmmaking to pursue. 
So, my message is...if you’re not currently working on your craft, I urge you to START today. Just do ‘something!’ Something small. Something that may seem inconsequential. Something as simple as writing down a story idea that’s been bouncing around in your head, or sketching a doodle, or sitting at the piano and seeing what happens. Give yourself a chance to realize who you were created to be. 
I’ll leave you & your readers with a great book recommendation: “The War of Art, Break Through the Blocks & Win Your Inner Creative Battles,” by Steven Pressfield. It’s a must read for ALL creative types. By the way, I have no stake at all in the book. [laughs]. I just like it and recommend it highly. 
Thank you, Deanie, for the opportunity to talk with you and to share my story. It was a pleasure. We’ll see you at the Cupcakes premier.
You're welcome, Tim. We've had a great time. It's been my pleasure to meet you.
copyright 2018: Deanie Humphrys-Dunne


  1. Wonderful Interview. Wishing Tim Great Success!!!

  2. Thanks, Cathrina. Congrats on your new book! You must be so excited. Love to you and your family.