Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Meet Adorable Chickie and his friends

Join the entire crew of Stagecoach Lane in their plan to raise seed for stranded songbird strangers. Chickie, the lost baby chick, is the first to volunteer to help. Will Derek, the critical lamb allow him to perform in the show? How will the show go on when Solange Finch, the French ballerina bird suffers from stage fright?Will the battling mime pigeons stop fighting long enough to perform?If the Great Barnyard Benefit succeeds, what will happen next?Don't miss out on the adventure! Come along for the ride as they all strive to make The Great Barnyard Benefit a success!This is your invitation to join the entire crew from Stagecoach Lane in this uplifting journey as they all work together to produce one enchanted evening known as, The Great Barnyard Benefit. For more on this endearing tale, please visit: www.BillieUrabazo.com/ Illustrations by Martina Terzi and Maddelena Carrai copyright: Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

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