Saturday, May 20, 2023

Have you ever wondered about this?


Good morning,everyone,  have you ever thought about this? Everyojne has a challenge of some sort. Maybe  you have a physical impairment, like I do. Maybe you have a mental disability of some sort. Or perhaps you need a major attitude adjustment because  you're rarely pleased about anything. Thje attitude issue could be because you're a perfectionist. My dad was so he was not easily pleased. There are also many people who are always complaining about one thing or another. In my humble opinion, no one has everything they want so you make the best of the talents you have and you can choose to be grateful for them. Keep in mind if you are constantly complaining, it doesn't only affect you. Everyone around you will feel the same way so you'll become a clan of grumpy folks. Is that what you want?

How do you remedy this problem? You might make a list of things you are pleased about because it will help you focus on posiitive things. You could also surround yourself with those you support  you and your goals. You don't have goals? Set some and write them down. Read the list each day. Plan how you can accomplish each goal. I bet before long you 'll start acheiving things and building a path toward your dreams. Do you feel better already?


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