Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How can you Determine a Horse's Temperment? It's in the eyes!

You may know I grew up at a riding school so my dad taught us lots of interesting facts about horses. For example, how do you know if a horse has a good disposition? Have you guessed the answer? You study their eyes. It was always the first thing our dad did when he was considering buying a horse. He could tell in an instant what kind of disposition the horse had. If the horse had large, expressive eyes, it was off to a good start. If he had small eyes, it signaled a nasty demeanor.  Small eyes are called, "pig eyes." Any horse with pig eyes wouldn't be getting a ride to our house. Another thing dad always liked was a horse with a wide space between their big, gentle eyes. He said that meant the horse was more intelligent. He said there was more room for the horse's brain.  My dad was very observant. He'd even notice if the horse had a small wrinkle over his eyes. What did that mean? His disposition was a bit quirky. My pony, Do All, had that little wrinkle. He was great and a really reliable jumper, but he'd run off if the rider lost his/her balance. We/d discovered his little quirk.

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  1. Hi and thanks for visiting my blog recently it is great to meet new people. I was horse mad as a youngster, although sadly I was never in a position to have my own. I still love horses and you are right you can definitely tell a lot about them by their eyes :)