Monday, April 1, 2013

Priorities? They can Work Magic for you

You’re feeling a bit frazzled today. Why is that? You’re wondering how you can squeeze in taking care of the children, the house, your husband, housework, etc. We could go on to infinity because moms are so overwhelmed sometimes.  Does this hectic schedule leave time for writing? You just not happy without it. Yes, you can do it. The magic ingredient is setting priorities.

Family first: Your relationship with your husband and your children deserves first priority. Every day you must nurture this relationship, like you would a beautiful garden of delicate flowers. Your family is precious and irreplaceable. You must make sure that they are content so that the feeling of happiness enfolds you. In addition, the kids will learn that mama loves them a great deal, but she needs time to write too.

Make a tentative schedule: Write down a tentative schedule. It’s important to write things down so that they seem more real to you. Also, you’ll be more organized so that you’ll manage your time effectively. Can you write while the children are in school? If they don’t go to school, you may be able to write while they’re napping. If you plan what you’d like to accomplish each day, you’re more likely to reach your goals.

Celebrate the small victories: Let’s imagine something unexpected popped up and you couldn’t write for the forty minutes you had planned. But you wrote for 20 minutes and you accomplished more than you expected. Give yourself a small reward. Maybe you’d like to go to lunch with your friends. Maybe your favorite thing is going to the movies. Make a date with your husband to see one of the new releases that you feel you’d both enjoy. Remember that you were able to spend some time writing and that alone should lift your spirits.

Be sure to take time to relax: You need time to relax and recharge your batteries. Then when you write, you’ll be more focused on your work. You’ll also have a happier demeanor because you won’t feel overwhelmed with other things.

Dedicate yourself to success: When my sisters and I were growing up our parents always said, “You get out of life what you put into it.” That means, whatever we wanted we had to be dedicated to reaching our goal. We had to put the effort in to whatever we did. In the end, all the hard work made a huge difference. Focus on your goal and keep inching toward it. Quitting will bring you on a road to nowhere. Nowhere is a boring, depressing place to visit and you certainly wouldn’t want to stay there! If you persevere, you’re bound to be victorious.
 I hope these little hints will help you set priorities so that you’re a contented mom, who is also a successful author 

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  1. Thanks for the timely post as this has been on my mind lately as evidenced by the "busy bee" post you read on my blog. With everything that is expected from today's writer, how does one find time to simply write? I need to take your advice; schedule and prioritize before this little bee runs herself ragged :-)