Friday, July 19, 2013

Tails of Sweetbrier, Why is it Important to you?

"Have you ever really wanted to be able to so something, but you came across a roadblock of some kind?
Maybe you're afraid of new things, or maybe you have a physical challenge. Are you going to follow your dream, or are you going to push it aside without really trying?" You have a difficult choice. I made that choice and it changed my whole life, by giving me experiences I never would have had if I had taken the easy street and had not tried."
This is the opening paragraph of Tails of Sweetbrier, my inspirational, award-winning autobiography. It's about my quest to become a champion horseback rider,despite my handicap. There were days when giving up was tempting, but my sisters and I were taught that giving up was not an option.
Why did I write this book? My goal is to show children that you can overcome much more than you imagined. Perseverance is the key to success. It's a message that will help them achieve their dreams.
How did I get the idea for this story? I'd been searching for an office job, without success. One morning I woke up with a strong intuition to write this story. It's meant to be shared with children so they have proof that even against the odds, victories are possible. This story will appeal to readers of any age because even adults can lose focus on their dreams!
This edition is revised with more information and even questions, which children and teachers will enjoy.
 Excerpts from Reviews: Review by Geri Ahearn:Truly Spectacular Story of Strength, Courage:

 I highly recommend this book to children, parents, and teachers. Deanie Humphrys-Dunne wrote a truly spectacular story of strength, passion, and courage. The characters come to life, as well as the unique illustrations. The author points out the value of family and friendship, while motivating others to reach for their dream, despite obstacles that may have to be battled with along the way. Furthermore, Deanie Humphrys-Dunne encourages discipline, high self-esteem, and a positive attitude throughout this compelling story. The author motivates children to overcome their fears, achieve their goals, and follow their dreams. "TAILS OF SWEETBRIER" tugs at the heart, is as captivating as RADIO, and as inspiring as FORREST GUMP, with Tom Hanks.
A Wonderful Book about Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Dreams:-review by Sherry Ellis:

The story is beautifully told, as the author candidly shares her thoughts and feelings throughout the ups and downs of her journey. Ms. Humphrys-Dunne's message is a powerful one: "Overcoming obstacles can give you the confidence to accomplish amazing things." 

 Inspirational and Motivating, A Must Read!-Review by Sarah Mazor:
The power of a young girl's passion, perseverance and determination and the effect of a family's support, love and commitment, are celebrated in this remarkable true story of an extraordinary individual. Deanie, pursued her dream with tenacity and persistence, and against many odds achieved success in the very demanding world of competitive horse shows. This wonderfully inspirational story begins with a challenge to young readers that would make it difficult for them to put the book down. Deanie asks "Have you ever really wanted to be able to do something, but you came across a roadblock of some kind?" and goes on to inquire "Are you going to follow your dream, or are you going to push it aside without even trying?"
Deanie Humphrys-Dunne's generosity in sharing her story so that others may be motivated to pursue their dreams, no matter the challenge, is admirable. Take advantage of the opportunity, acquire the book and be inspired! "Tails of Sweetbrier" is heartily recommended for readers of all ages.

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  1. I think the lessons and inspirations that your book offers, can be applicable to adults as well. Because you never gave up and many times grown ups do. We lose that belief in ourselves that children still cling to. Your book sounds really powerful and inspirational. You yourself, sound like an amazing person.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words, Murees. It's true that when we grow up we forget how important dreams are and that we should not abandon them, even if it doesn't seem possible to achieve them. We never know what we can do unless we try and we usually astonish ourselves! So good to hear from you. Have a lovely weekend.