Friday, July 19, 2013

What makes Charlie the Horse Unique?

What makes the revised second edition of Charlie the Horse inviting and unique? For one thing, you can read the story from Charlie's point of view. He tells you that he likes munching on dandelions that decorate the side of the racetrack.You also get a peek into what happens during the training of a racehorse.How is Charlie prepared to carry a rider? He learns how to behave in the starting gate. Charlie also finds what it means to earn his gate card. He learns in order to make his dreams come true, he must work very hard, even when he doesn't feel like doing his best. Charlie reaps the rewards of having a good  work ethic.
Are you wondering why I wrote Charlie the Horse? I firmly believe that children need to be taught important values like setting goals and being determined to make your dreams come to fruition. I make every effort to ensure that my books are entertaining and informative. We've even included questions that children and teachers will love!
Below please read some excerpts from reviews of Charlie the Horse:
From 5-star Review by Geri Ahearn: A Delightful Adventure!

I highly recommend this fascinating book to children, parents, and teachers. The story is educational as Deanie Humphrys-Dunne points to the importance of discipline, confidence, and persistence. The main character Charlie is adorable, talented, and amusing. The author encourages children to work hard at reaching their goals, overcome their fears, and believe in themselves. 
From 5-star Review by Janice Spina: 
 Children will enjoy this delightful story about Charlie who is born from a long line of championship race horses. Charlie is a handsome horse with black hair and a crooked white blaze on his face. He wants very much to be a champion like his father and grandfather. He gets advice along the way from General Quick, an old retired racehorse. Charlie learns that it is not as easy as he thought to be a champion racehorse and that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to succeed. 
A Champion on Multiple Fronts!-by Sarah Mazor: 

The story is lovely, the information fascinating, and the values imparted are relevant to readers, young and old. Charlie is a champion racer, but he is also a champion of fundamental values such as work ethic, commitment to task, persistence and tenacity, and integrity and self-respect that are manifested in the effort to excel and be the best one can be. Another set of values that are thematic in the book is evident in the respect, appreciation, and gratitude exhibited by Charlie, who seeks the wisdom and prizes the mentorship of the retired racehorse General Quick. Another winner from Deanie Humphrys-Dunne!
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