Friday, July 19, 2013

Today We're Celebrating...

It's Friday again so what are we celebrating this week?
  •  My gifted author/publisher friend, Sarah Mazor, was kind enough to write remarkable reviews for each of my books! Sarah has a new children's publishing company so I hope you all stop by to check out her amazing, adorable, and entertaining books at
  • My younger son, Shane's birthday! -We are so incredibly blessed to have him in our family. Even his name proves it. His first name means "A gift from God" and his middle name is Curran. It's an Irish name and it means Hero. He said it's pretty cool when he can explain his name to his friends.
  • I'm doing my first blog hop interview this week. Thank you Sherry Ellis for inviting me. Deb Hockenberry, another children's author, is joining me. 
  • The paperback second edition of Tails of Sweetbrier will be released at any moment. It's all set! 
  • Charlene the Star has just been released on Kindle!   Very excited about this because we were expecting it to be done some time ago so we're very excited!
    Wising everyone a wonderful week!


  1. Happy Birthday to Shane!! And congratulations on your books!! Have a marvelous weekend, Deanie!

  2. Thank you, Cathina! We are so blessed to have amazing children and we appreciate them every day. Thank you for the good wishes on my books as well.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend, too.

  3. Awesome celebrations, yay for your books and for the interview ;)

    Happy Birthday Shane!!

  4. Thank you, Katherine! We're happy about lots of things this week. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. D

  5. Happy birthday to your son.

    And yay for your books and interview! :) A great week!

  6. Thank you. VikLit! Always fun to hear from you. We had more things to celebrate than I thought we would so that was a pleasant surprise. We had extra excitement that we didn't anticipate.

  7. Happy birthday to your son. An interview with Sherry, I'll look out for it! Happy weekend.

  8. Hi Suzannne,
    Thank you so much for stopping in. The blog hop interview works a little differently, but Sherry gave me some questions to answer. I choose four of them and answer them. Then I mention the person I tagged for the blog hop. It was fun and it's my first one.
    We're looking forward to our celebration with our son. I'm making pistachio cake for the little party.

  9. Dear Deanie,

    Thank you for your kind and lovely words. I know you through your work, the four lovely books you have published so far, and through the emails we've been exchanging. I am blessed to have met you! You are an inspiration!

    I am looking forward to reading more of your creations and a continued and growing friendship.
    Have a great weekend,


    (My third attempt at posting. Previous attempts did not seem to go through.. But if they have, please ignore :)

    1. Sarah, you are most welcome. I also cherish our friendship. In my eyes, you are revered, both for your endless talents, as well as the amazing, positive influence you're having on children. Best wishes for continued success.

  10. Happy birthday to your son!
    Congratulations on your books! That's awesome!
    I'll look out for your interview with Sherry. She's a fabulous person with a very entertaining blog.
    Writer In Transit

  11. Thank you so much, Michelle! Yes, Sherry is very talented and a fine person as well. Happy weekend and thank you for stopping by.

  12. Happy birthday to your son!
    You have wonderful things to celebrate!

  13. Thank you, Jackie. We are most grateful for all of our celebrations. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Always great to hear from you. Have a lovely day.