Thursday, July 17, 2014

This week we're celebrating....

It's Friday again and that means we cheer about whatever we can, big or small, that happened during the week. Here's what we're happy about this week.

  • My friend, Sarah, is enjoying her vacation with her family.
  • A lovely Skype chat with my mom and sister last week.
  • No big, scary thunderstorms this week. Our dog, Elliott, worries about those loud storms.
  • We saw a mama deer her tiny baby wander through our yard this week. The baby looked about a week or two old. It was really cute. It stopped to look around, but then couldn't find mama so it ran off to catch up with her.
  • The first paycheck from my husband's new job!
Wishing you all a lovely weekend.


  1. Hi Susanne, that's so cute you're dog's name is Bentley. There's a dog in my new book named Bentley. He's one of the main characters! Yes, we've heard of the thunder shirt. We're thinking of getting one. Elliott doesn't mind the storms unless they're really loud. Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend.

  2. Sounds like you have plenty to celebrate this week!

    1. Thank you, Kate, I hope you have nice things to celebrate as well.

  3. All good things to celebrate.

  4. Thank you, Shelly. So nice of you t stop by and comment. Have a great day.