Thursday, July 10, 2014

This week we're celebrating...

It's Friday again so we write about what we're celebrating this week. Thanks to VikLit for starting this blog. Be sure to visit her:
Here's what we're cheering about this week:

  • My author friend, Janice Spina celebrated her birthday this week.
  • We had a hail storm but no damage to the house.
  • Shane returned safely from his vacation.
  • I made more progress with editing, so we're creeping along with it.
  • The farm where I grew up is for sale. It could be a good thing if the prospective buyer renovates our beautiful house.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by.

copyright Deanie Humphrys-Dunne 2014
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  1. Not sure who Shane is, but a safe return is always good. Good job with the editing. Even a little bit is better than none.

  2. Thank goodness for no damage to the house and for Shane being back and safe! Yay for the editing progress, too :D

  3. Thank you, Katherine, I think I'm almost half way through the editing so that's at least a start! Thanks for visiting and we hope you're enjoying the summer and the weekend.

  4. Hi, Deanie. Happy Birthday to your friend, Janice. All good things to celebrate. : )

  5. Thank you, Susanne, Janice is such a great friend, as are you. Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend and thanks for stopping by.

  6. Oh man! I know what you mean about the house you grew up in. We sold that house to Californian's years ago, and when I learned about how they changed the interior, I couldn't go anywhere near there. It's best to remember it the way it was. =)

    1. Our house was so beautiful, Chrystal. It was a big, charming Victorian house. Now it's 121 years old. It was on the town calendar in 1993, when it turned 100 years old. We have pictures of it on our computer so it's nice to remember the way it was. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such an understanding comment.