Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Insecure writer's Support Group Some suggestions

Hi everyone, as you may know, the first Wednesday of the month is the  time when we talk about our worries. This time I don't have any new ones so I'll try to offer some hints that might help you with your writing. Be sure to stop by AlexJCavanaugh.blogspot.com to see what everyone else has to say this month.

  • Revise and edit even if you've paid for a copyeditor:
Le'ts say you've already paid for someone to edit your work. Should you relax and dash it off to the publisher? Probably not because you might still find something needing improvements. You may also want your beta reader friends to check it out so you have different sets of eyes checking out your work.
  • Concentrate on the story itself:
Be sure your story is captivating. Will your readers want to keep turning pages? Do you have overused words (like, then, as, etc)? Do you have enough conflict? How about the opening and the ending? Did your main character grow during the story?  Does the story seem like someone offering a lecture? If it does, you need to do more work. Worry about the message of the story once you have these other things settled.
  • Illustrations:
If your story has illustrations, hire an experienced illustrator to do them for you, unless you're talented in this area yourself. Ask for references and check the person's work to see if it would fit with your story. Would the illustrator be willing to work with you so you have exactly the type of artwork you want? Does the illustrator have the type of personality which would allow him/her to accept suggestions? All these things are important, since you want your work to be amazing.

I hope these small suggestions will help you create remarkable books.

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