Sunday, October 9, 2016

Grayson the Bully Frog by Rhonda Patton

on April 7, 2015
Ted and Raymond were friends their whole lives. Every morning they walked to school together. One day their friendship was tested, when the two frogs were approached by Grayson, the bully. Raymond made the wrong choice and Ted was very sad. But Ted's Mom helped Raymond realize his
mistake. This is a beautifully told story with an important message that children, parents and teachers will value a great deal. Congratulations to author, Rhonda Patton for her lovely book. I highly recommend it. Children will also love the bright illustrations shared in the book.

Above is my review of Rhonda Patton's wonderful book. I hope you check it out and write your own review for it.
Rhonda works tirelessly to create books that educate children. She is especially passionate regarding combating 
bullying. Many of Rhonda's books feature best frog friends Ted and Raymond.  Be sure to check them out.
Do you need book covers, banners, or videos? Rhonda is very gifted at all types of Art. She's done both videos 

and banners to promote my books. I highly recommend her work.

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