Thursday, March 23, 2017

celebrate the small things

Hi everyone,
We celebrate things on Fridays. Be sure to stop by to see what they're cheering about.
What are you celebrating this week?

Here's what we're celebrating?

  • We have a new family member. She's a Honda Civic Hybrid. Her name is Holly Honda. We'll pick her up from the dealership on Saturday. Of course, she's not brand new, but she's new for us.
  • I've been working on one of my books to expand it. Yipes, Been working on it for the whole week.
  •  I read my friend Deb's new picture book. It's adorable. Here's the link if you want to find out more.
Have a great week.

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  1. Congrats on your new car! Hope she fits in nicely :)

    1. Thanks, Laura. We pick her up tomorrow. She gets great gas mileage and lots of other good stuff.

  2. Welcome to the family Holly Honda Civic.

    Have a nice weekend, Deanie!!!

    1. Thanks, Cathrina. We're excited about getting Holly Honda. Tomorrow is the big day. Have a fun weekend

  3. Congrats on getting Holly and to your friend Deb for her new book! Good luck with the expansion project, and I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  4. Thank you Lexa. We hope you have a lovely weekend as well.
    I'm not too confident About the expansion project. There's always more work to do. :)