Monday, July 3, 2017

My Life at Sweetbrier- 5-star review by Kris Miller
Born two months premature and weighing in at just three pounds, by the age of three Deanie was still crawling. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, the doctor's were certain she would never walk. Deanie's father made a solemn promise, if Deanie couldn't walk, she would learn to ride. And ride she did, straight on to becoming a champion within competitions. Born with strength and determination -- and a father who taught her anything was possible -- Deanie displays unrivaled courage in defying the odds stacked against her. An unforgettable read, Deanie's story is truly inspirational. MY LIFE AT SWEETBRIER is the incredible true story of a young girl who achieved her dreams through perseverance and hard work. A children's book that should should be required reading within a classroom.

~ Kris Miller, certified TopShelf Reviewer. TopShelf Magazine does not offer 'paid review services’ and TopShelf Reviewers are not compensated for their reviews.

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