Thursday, July 6, 2017

What if?

Let's imagine you wrote a story. You thought it was ready for your publisher, but when you read it, something didn't seem right. It's seems flat to you. Here are some things you might check out before it  goes to your editor:

  • Is the opening engaging? Does it make your readers want to know what happens next?
  • What if you develop your main character more? Show his/her personality. Remember you want your readers to identify with this "person." Will your readers root for his success?
  • What if you change the ending? Does it tie up the loose ends in the story? Or does it leave them wondering what happened.
  • What if you check your story for overused words, or words you don't need. Some of these include; that, maybe, some, any, somewhat, I guess, I think, etc. Also, do you have two sentences starting with the same word, i.e. She.. or He.. If so, think about revising those sentences.
  • Did you include good descriptions of the scenes so your readers feel like they're taking the journey with you? Remember, you need to draw them into the story so they can't wait to turn the pages.

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