Saturday, May 26, 2018

Fun facts about Charlie the Horse

Charlie dreamed of becoming a famous racehorse like his Dad, Charles the Great. Will he have the talent to succeed when he leaves for training at Sweetbrier Racing Stable? What will he do if he’s tired and doesn’t feeling like running? How will Charlie react when he faces challenges on the race track? Charlie tells this story just for you. Your child will delight in reading about Charlie as a baby horse with a big dream. All of Deanie’s books convey positive messages for children. Charlie the Horse emphasizes working hard and setting goals.
Here are some fun facts about Charlie the Horse:

  • Charlie tells the story himself.
  • The horses talk among themselves.
  • Charlie doesn't focus on his training at first. He'd rather munch on the flowers growing around the racetrack.
  • Charlie has a special mentor named General Quick.
  • Find out more about Charlie's story here:

illustration by Holly Humphrys-Bajaj
copyright 2018: Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

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