Sunday, April 23, 2023

Wilbur's New home

 Wilbur wanted to make some new friends so he's pleased to display is new ad and some excerpts from reviews.

"an engaging picture book for toddler and preschool-age children. 
This heartwarming story teaches children about friendship, patience, trust, and openness to change and new things in life
 Change is hard, and Wilbur is anxious as new people come to meet him, especially when they are unkind. Change is hard for many people, especially children. This exceptional book shows children that it is ok to be worried, it is normal, and finding ways to deal with strong emotions is key.
author includes at the end a list of quiz questions to open up discussions with children on these important topics.
Illustrators Wanda L. Urabazo and Holly Humphrys-Bajaj use strong colors and bold lines to portray the excitement and emotions of the characters. Their creative portrayals will engage children as they listen to this meaningful story. 
 a feel-good picture book for preschoolers and young children that introduces challenging topics in an age-appropriate manner. This is an excellent resource for teachers, parents, and caregivers looking for a fun and lighthearted way to introduce the concept of friendship and change."~Literary Titan Reviews

"This educational and entertaining children's book will teach young kids that is possible to say goodbye in a sensitive and caring manner. Properly managed, separations can become another reassuring affirmation instead of an abrupt termination of a long-lasting friendship relationship." ~ Yossi Lapid, author of the award-winning Snowman Paul Series.

"A sweet story about Wilbur, the cutest tractor, who faces an unknown future with patience and hope - this story features Wilbur's adorable friend Hattie, who supports him along the journey into his new home."~Hollie Anne Marsh, children's author

"Wilbur, the little red tractor, is moving to his new home where a surprise is waiting for him! Though Wilbur is sorry to leave Jim, his owner, he is looking forward with hope and anticipation to his new life. This second in the "Wilbur the Tractor" series is as fun and entertaining as the first volume and a must for every little child's library. Highly recommended." MBKS

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