Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Some of Today's Holidays

Hello everyone, 
Let's talk about some of today's holidays. See which ones will surprise you.

National Eyewear Day:
Maybe you're imagining unattractive glasses from years ago. Don't fret. Today, eyewear can be a fashion statement. There are many styles and colors to consider so you're sure to find the perfect ones for you.

National Yo-Yo Day:
Most everyone is familiar with these entertaining toys.  Did you know they've been around for more than 2,000 years? They originated in the Philippines. They weren't popular until the 1930's when Pedro Flores began having competitons for Yo-Yo fans. Evenutally, Mr. Flores met Donald Duncan, who attended one of the competitions and thought yo-yos were fantastic.The two became a team and that was the beginning of the popularity of the Yo Yo. If you enjoy them, you could have your own event.
UN Russian Language Day:
Russian Language Day is celebrated on the birthday of Vladimir Pushkin, the Father of Russian Literature. Russian people from several countries began celebrating in 2010.
Information for this post was gathered from : https://nationaltoday.com/what-is-today/


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