Tuesday, October 10, 2023

What is Lamington Cake and why it"s my favorite


We had a special occasion at our house last Saturday and our beautiful daughter-in-law, Elzabeth, brought a yummy dessert called a Lamington Cake. I'd mentioned to her that I had read about its origin.
According to the information available, Lord Lamington, the governor of Queensland, raved about this treat after his trip to Australia around 1900. 
One version I read stated that  Governor Lamington was so taken with this dessert that he tired baking it himself. At first, according to rumor, he tried making the cake himself, but wasn't happy with it's appearance. Then he decided to add the coconut coating. He was very pleased with the ene result. This cake also has a raspberry filling. If you ever see this in a bakery, or offered anywhere, I'd encourage you to try it.I bet you 'll love it.
Elizabeth is such a gifted cook! She can create anything perfectly on the first try! I can't imagine doing that. Anything I do, needs at least one practice effort.My husband and I think that Elizabeth is such a gifted cook that she could finance her future medical career through her culinary talents.

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