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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Excerpts from Charlene the Star and Hattie's Heroes

 The Opening Scene:

Mary is steering me toward the big water jump. It has a small ditch with water in it right in front of it. I remember seeing one at the Sterling Horse Show when I won the Green Hunter Championship. It scared me a little then because I hadn’t seen it before. I had to stop and have a good look at it then. But once I knew that I wasn’t supposed to step in it, I did okay. I got a good running start so I wouldn’t put my foot in it. I remember wondering why they put the water there in the first place. There wasn’t enough of it to take a bath anyway. But then I decided it was good to have a challenge. After all, I had to prove I was worthy of my name Charlene the Star. Mary has always been my trainer and rider. She talks to me. She’s very patient, too. She shows me the new jumps before we jump them.

Now Mary’s talking to me. She’s telling me to get ready for the in and out jumps. They can be tricky. You only have one or two strides between them so you have to concentrate, or else anything can happen.


“Charlene, I have the feeling your mind is wandering. We’re almost at the in and out, but you’re looking here and there like we’re sight seeing, “said Mary. “Even though you’re a champion jumper now, we still need to practice."

Hattie's remarks:

"Are you a shy horse? Do you have low self-esteem? Not sure where you fit in? Call 1-800- Hattie 4 U 
 “Good morning, Charlene, “said Hattie, taking a bow, as she caught her breath. “I do love to wear hats! Mama said when I was born part of my shell was sitting right on top of my head, so she had the feeling I’d like hats. That’s how I got my name. "

Lily's Thoughts:

I know today will be the first real practice race with Ann or Blossom. I’m getting a little scared. What if they bump into me again? What if they kick mud in my face? Yikes. Let me think about that. I have more confidence now. I know I can keep running if another horse bumps into me. If they kick mud at me, I’ll try to shake it off and keep going. How am I going to be a great racehorse if I don’t do my best?I have to meet the challenges they give me, even though it’s hard to do sometimes. I’ll have my friend Joe riding me. He’s always gentle and he talks to me while we’re racing, even when we’re only practicing like we are today.

 Thoughts from Elliott:

"We all have our strengths and weaknesses, but we’re a great team. We work well together. All of us wanted to be role models. We wanted to help other animals do their best. I think we did that well."

Hattie and Elliott-A great Team:

"" I can’t reach the top. Elliott, sit here so I can stand on your back. Oh, no! I can’t quite reach it, even if I stand on my tiptoes. Elliott, if you hold your head really still, I can stand on it and reach the blackboard. Perfect, Elliott! It pays to have a big, steady head. We make a great team already. Now we’ve got the schedule for the week and Lily’s working with either Ann or Blossom. Hooray!” said Hattie, flapping her wings with excitement as she admired their work.

Thoughts from Lucky's Charming:

" I had to work harder this time. I remember thinking I was too lazy to do anything. But Charlene and her friends taught me to believe in myself. I wouldn't be here without them."


  1. I really enjoyed this book! Thanks for sharing these excerpts.

  2. Thank you so much for the comment, Sherry. Glad you enjoyed reading about Hattie.