Friday, May 10, 2013

Another Liebster Award! And the Nominees are...

I'd like to thank author, Beverly Fox, for nominating me for the Leibster Award. It was most kind of
her to consider me for the award and I'm extremely grateful. It's certainly another unexpected honor. This time I realized it was "The Liebster Award" instead of the 'Lobster Award!"

Here are the rules;
1.  Thank the person who gave it to you (which is common courtesy, really)
2.Post 11 random facts about yourself
3. Answer 11 random questions from the person who nominated you and
4. Pass the award on to 11 other bloggers with less then 200 followers (cause this award is all about getting people connected to great blogs)

Eleven random things about me:

  1. I lived in FL for several years. Our sons were both born in Palm Beach County, FL
  2. My husband and I were married in a church in Hollywood, FL, which was not the one we normally attended. We chose it because it was round, with beautiful stained glass windows everywhere.
  3. I met my husband at a family picnic. My mom bought me a new outfit for the big event. I was so shy, I thought my husband was unimpressed. But he told his mom that he'd marry me someday.
  4. My dad was always undaunted in emergencies. He once drove the horse van down a mountain when he didn't have brakes! The amazing thing is he didn't crash.
  5. Another time, my dad was driving me home from school in a snowstorm.  We would have been broadsided by another car, but my dad drove around somebody's mail box to avoid getting hit. The worse thing that happened was we got stuck in the snow.
  6.  I'm susceptible to motion sickness so my mom gave me Dramamine before the our first plane trip together. Trouble is, she didn't read the directions and she gave me too much. What happened next? I could barely stand up as she dragged me through the airport.
  7. While we were vacationing in the Dominican Republic,  my mom and I would always order a fruit plate for lunch. The serving staff was so unhurried. It took exceptionally long for  us to get our food. We decided they might have gone out to cut the fruit. Imagine what would have happened if we ordered anything cooked!
  8. Roses are my favorite flowers. We had a yellow rose printed on our wedding invitations, because they symbolize love.
  9. I like most any kind of music except rap or hip hop.
  10. My mom's cousin lived in NYC. We used to visit her during the Christmas season and go to Radio City Music Hall. I loved that.
  11. My parents always said, "You get out of life what you put into it." A valuable piece of advice, don't you think?
The Questions for you:

LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED?-Cars 2  (in movie theatre. We usually wait for them to come out on DVD.)

WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING NOW? -I'm not reading presently
THE POWER GOES OUT.  IT WILL BE OUT FOR SEVERAL HOURS.  WHAT DO YOU DO WITH YOURSELF?-cuddle up with my husband and our dog, Elliott
WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW?-nothing, sometimes I like the quiet because it's easier to concentrate with no distractions.
GREATEST STRUGGLE AS A WRITER?-coming up with a good idea for a subject.
WHAT IS THE ONE BOOK YOU THINK EVERYONE SHOULD READ?- Gifted Hands, by Dr. Benjamin Carson because he overcame so many obstacles and he's been a savior to children.
IF YOU COULD BE ONE OF THE GREEK GODS WHO WOULD YOU BE AND WHY? Apollo because he's the God of music and music can be so beautiful.
WEIRDEST THING YOU'VE EVER BEEN TOLD BY A FORTUNE COOKIE? I can't remember anything newsworthy because the Chinese restaurant we like gives you little, round donuts instead of fortune cookies.
 And the Nominees are:
  1. Suzanne
  2. Samantha
  3. Rebecca Green
  5. Amy
  6. Adriana Dascalu-Adriana
  7. Susan Stuckey-
  8. Janice
  9. Sandy
  10. Sania
  11. C Bame
If any of you are too busy to respond, I understand. I just wanted to recognize your talents. Congratulations to all of you.


  1. Thanks a bunch for the award! I'll be getting right on answering the questions but it'll probably take a bit. I've been crazy busy recently!

  2. You're welcome, CBame13. Everyone is busy these days so take your time with the award. Congratulations and best wishes.

  3. Thanks a ton Deanie. Awards are always fun- to give and to recieve. I might take some time too, have exams. :)

    1. It's okay, Sania. I understand. You can work on your award nominations when time allows. Best wishes for your exams and your writing career as well.

  4. Hi, good morning!! I have gone through the reward process twice, it is extremely time consuming, and while I appreciate your lovely nomination, I need to refuse this. I simply don't have the time. The thought was there!! Love you! Sandy

    1. It's okay, Sandy. I know it's time consuming, but I appreciate you thoughtful comments. Best wishes

  5. You're the queen of awards this week! :) It was fun to learn more about you and yes, I do think your parents gave great advice!

    Happy weekend to you, Deanie. :)

    1. Thank you, Julie! Glad you enjoyed learning more about me. I agree that my parents wanted us to excel so they taught us the virtues of good work ethic. The advice has served us well. Best wishes

  6. Thank you sooooo much!!! Love learning all these neat facts about you! (I'm not listening to anything either- it is always so loud around here that I look forward to complete silence- I work better in it!)

  7. It's always nice to learn a little more about you. The church you were married in sounds beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Sherry. It was a gorgeous church. My sisters were in a separate car and they went right by the church because they were looking for a steeple and there wasn't one! Our poor mom was hysterical thinking they would get lost and miss the wedding.

  8. Hi Deanie.
    Thanks a stack for the fabulous award. I accept. If it's okay with you, I'll leave it here at your place and then pick it up when the post is ready. I received quite a few awards during the month of April, and I want to incorporate them all into a single post.
    The piece of advice your parents gave you, is part of my philosophy. I truly believe that input=output, and this applies to everything you do in life!
    Nice to meet you!

    Writer In Transit

    1. Congratulations on all of your awards, Michelle. Happy to have met you. Yes, I think we both have an excellent philosophy if we follow my parents' advice. Hard work and perseverance is the key to success.

    2. Michelle, I forgot to mention it's fine for you to post your award information whenever it's convenient for you. We'll look forward to it.

  9. Oh my goodness, your dad's driving skills deserve an award of their own lol
    I live in NY and don't make it to Radio City enough, hopefully when the kids get older, right? And that is one of the best advice anyone can give, especially to their children... If they learn to work for what they want and be positive from young age... then its worth repeating every so often ;)

  10. Yes, S. K. When your little cherubs are older you will take them to Radio City and they will love it. It's fun to visit the Big Apple, but I wouldn't want to live there. I don't think I could ever drive there. It's so congested that I'd be a nervous Nellie the whole time. And I'd be lost. Wish I had those driving skills my dad had, but he used to tell me nobody's good at everything!

  11. thank you for the nomination, Deanie! I'll just gett to it!

  12. Deanie,
    Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I thank you for the honor, but I don't know 11 other bloggers and I'm hesitant to tag strangers so I must respectfully decline.

  13. I'm sorry to hear that, Susan, but I understand. Thanks for responding and wishing you success in all your endeavors.