Saturday, June 7, 2014

California Chrome and disappointment

California Chrome was adorable as a baby. One of his owners had a dream that he was going to win the Kentucky Derby, the first jewel in horse racing's Triple Crown. are you wondering how he got his name? He was born in California and the Chrome part of his name came because horseman call white socks "Chrome."
California Chrome's story was a Cinderella one from the start. Most racehorses cost many thousands of dollars, often hundreds of thousands if they have an impressive pedigree. But California Chrome's parents weren't well-known as racehorses. There was nothing remarkable about their records. The owners paid only $10,000 for Chrome's parents, not a big investment for a racehorse. But he was full of surprises. He won his last six races before today. He seemed to have a second gear when he was challenged and he'd leave his competitors in the dust, racing to the finish line first.
Today was the Belmont, a difficult race because it's a mile and a half long. It's the longest track that the young horses have ever seen. Today, California Chrome met defeat. He tried his best, but he ended up in fourth place in the Belmont. His many fans were disappointed. His owner and trainers were crestfallen. But they realize nobody wins all the time. The owners should know that the race is not only a test for California Chrome, but a measure of their own character. Losing is part of the game-the part that is hard to handle.It's a difficult task to lose graciously, but it's a lesson we all must learn. What can you do? Be grateful for the blessings you've had. California Chrome won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, two of the three jewels in the Triple Crown. Many horses never have the opportunity or the talent to enter any prestigious races. It's always good to remember another day will come and California Chrome will be basking in the glory of the Winner's Circle (where trophies are presented after winning a race). He's still a champion by any measure.
If you are experiencing disappointment in your career as an author, or any other area, remember if you persevere through the tough times, you'll appreciate the good times even more. You'll feel that you've earned them, and you did. Hard work leads to victories, big and small. No matter what your dreams are, follow them and never give up. You'll be amazed at what can happen by adopting that philosophy.
California Chrome is still a champion
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  1. California Chrome is beautiful and indeed still a champion. Great post, Deanie.

  2. Thank you, Murees, so happy that you stopped by and liked it. There are always things to be learned from disappointment.

  3. Hi, Deanie. Great post.

  4. Thank you, Susanne, so happy you enjoyed it and commented. Best wishes, as always.

  5. Beautiful horse and a champion by any definition. He was so precious as a baby! Love the photos.

  6. Thanks, Julie, he really is gifted. So happy you stopped by and commented. All the best, as always.