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Thursday, June 5, 2014

This week we're celebrating....

As some of you know, on Friday's we think of things to celebrate and share them with you. Thank you to VikLit for starting this group. Please stop by to find out what other people are happy about.
This week we're cheering about:

  • My sister, brother-in-law, and Mom have arrived safely in their new homes. Our mom is all settled and my sister and brother-in-law are still working on unpacking. They've met some nice neighbors and are adjusting to the higher elevations there. I miss them lots, but we can't celebrate that.
  • Our son, Brendan is going on a business trip tomorrow. He's excited about visiting Boston.
  • Brendan took a computer certification test that was a last minute thing. He got 100%, even though there was only one hour to study! We're so proud of him.
  • Our lawn mower, Harrison John Deere, is learning to behave better. Now he stops without crashing into things, thanks to my husband's mechanical talents.
  • Hopefully, I finished editing our new story. We'll see if the members of the critique group agree when I submit it later this month.
    Ethan Bortnick is an amazing talent, with a wonderful generous, spirit. He believes anything is possible. Stop by my website and find out why.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. 
If you'd like to stop by my website: You can read about incredible kids there. This week I've added a new blog about amazing child prodigy, Ethan Bortnick. I hope you stop by and comment. I'd love to hear from you.


  1. That's great you're finishing up your new story!

  2. Thank you, Sherry, I hope it turns out well. Hope you have a good weekend and thanks for visiting.

  3. Hope Brendan enjoys his business trip, and glad everyone got to their new homes safely :)

  4. Thank you, Laura. It's always a pleasure to hear from you. Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend.

  5. I love that you've named your lawnmower Harrison. It made me smile!

    1. Thank you, Stephanie, we name all of our vehicles. We named our first minivan Vincent Van Go. Now we have a blue Saturn called Sapphire (Saffie for short) and a Subaru named Carl after the USS Carl Vinson. Thanks for commenting and happy weekend.

  6. Hi, Deanie! Some wonderful things to celebrate. Have a great weekend!

  7. Hi Susanne,
    Happy to hear from you again. I hope you have a lovely weekend, too.

  8. Yay for your mom's move and that everything's going well. Congrats to your son Brendan on his certification and upcoming business trip. Have a great weekend! :)

  9. Thank you, Lexa, we are very happy about both of those things. Hope you have a great weekend, too.

  10. It sounds as though your family as a whole is something to celebrate (even through the tears brought by distance). Your son must make you very proud. I hope the ache fades and the move was for the very bests.

  11. Thank you, Diana, it is not an easy thing to adjust to having some of my family far away, but it they're happy, that's most important. We are very proud of both of our sons and blessed to be their parents. Thank you for visiting and for your kind comments.

  12. Sounds like you have plenty to celebrate this week, even if you are still adjusting to being so far away from family.

  13. Thank you, Kate,we do our best to find things to celebrate, even when we are feeling disappointed about something. I miss my family a lot, but if they're happy, that's the most important thing. We still have our sons near us and they are so much fun. Thanks for visiting and I hope you're enjoying the weekend.