Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Conflict, what exactly is that?

One of the keys to a successful children’s story is conflict.
What exactly is that?
Do your characters have to be engaged in a knock down drag out fight?
No, but one of the building blocks of a good story is a struggle of some sort.
Usually, the main character has to be involved in the conflict you develop.
Another word for a conflict is a problem that involves the main character.
Why does it need to be the main character?
Generally, the main character learns something important by solving his/her problem. The main character has to do something which will bring about the result that he/she wants.
Let’s look at some examples so you have a good picture of what I’m trying to convey.
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  1. Your words are very true, Deanie. Conflict is so essential for any story. Good Post:)

    1. Thank you, Murees. So happy you stopped by to check it out.
      Have a great day. I'll bet you're celebrating lots of great stuff now that your book is out. congratulations again.