Thursday, July 13, 2017

Celebrate the Small things

Hi everyone,
It's almost Friday again so let's celebrate anything we want. Hop on over to to see what's happening there. We hope Lexa is feeling much better and ready to start blogging again.
Here's what we're celebrating this week:

  • I started a new picture book about our dog, Elliott. You might remember he passed away last month and we miss him lots because he was part of the family for more than 13 years. We used to tell our sons that he was their brother and he didn't look like them because he was adopted.
  • Working on reviewing more books and making good progress with it.
  • Had a fun conversation with my friend Charlene today.
What are you celebrating this week? Hope you have lots to share.
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  1. Elliott would be so happy!!! Good Luck with that. Have a nice weekend, Deanie.

  2. Thank you Cathrina. There's lots of work to do on it, but we want to make it shine, like he did. Happy weekend to you too.

  3. That's a really great way to remember Elliott. I wrote a poem for mine when she passed away. It helped me so much. This week, I'm celebrating having a relaxing Friday off work :)

  4. Hi Erica, thanks for stopping by. I hope Elliott's story turns out well. so nice you wrote a special poem for your pet. Have a great day off from work. :)

  5. Lucky Elliot, being immortalised by such a talented writer. I have two pooches. Dogs are my world. X


  6. Thank you, Shah. I'm trying hard to make his story as special and funny as he was. We miss him a lot. Thanks for visiting and have a fun weekend.

  7. How cool that Elliot will become immortalized in a book. I review every book I read and am especially keen to help relative unknown authors like myself reach more potential readers and hopefully sell more books by writing reviews for them.

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment about Elliott I have a brand new children's book called My Life at Sweetbrier-A Life Changed by Horses. I'd love for you to review it if you like. Please let me know if you're interested. I can send you a PDF copy. Thanks for visiting and have a great day.
      My email is