Thursday, July 20, 2017

Celebrate the small things

Hi everyone,
I hope you've had a great week. Be sure to stop by to see what she and her co-hosts have to say. I hope Lexa is feeling better.
What are you celebrating this week?
Here's what we're celebrating:

  • I finished the first draft of my story about our dog, Elliott. Hoping when it's finished, it shows his personality.
  • Emails from my sister who lives in another country. I miss her lots so when we keep in touch, it's fun Sometimes we have Skype chats. So far, she's enjoying her new home.
  • Making good progress catching up with book reviews. I was feeling sad after Elliott passed away so I got way behind with them.
Happy weekend everyone



  1. Congrats on getting that first draft completed!!! I can't imagine how hard it is to miss your sister. My sister lives 20 minutes away. If she moved to another country I'd be devastated....That good thing is all this technology, and you can Skype...

  2. Thanks, Cathrina. It is hard without my sister,but we're doing our best. We email all the time and we Skype when she can. :) Happy weekend.