Thursday, August 20, 2020

Sample Reviews on Deanie's site


Are you looking for a detailed review for your children's book at a reasonable price? The reviews are done by multi-award winning children's author, Deanie Humphrys-Dunne. Would you like to see sample reviews? 

Here are some excerpts:

Chickie and the Great Barnyard Benefit:

Chickie and the Great Barnyard Benefit is an adorable tale you won’t want to miss. When a baby chick named Chickie finds a home on Stagecoach Lane, he meets some new animal friends.  Chickie’s friends suffer during a big storm so they plan a benefit show to help the victims. What happens when nasty Derek Lambcelot acts like he’s the only one who has talent? What if the talent show is a failure? Chickie wants to perform in the show, but will he be laughed off the stage?

“The Jungle Crew” is a cute story. I enjoyed the rhymes, as well as the message. In the beginning, the Lion was sad and lonely without any friends. Other animals where afraid when they saw his size and his sharp teeth. The Lion meets a sad hippo who is also lonely. At first, the lion thinks the Hippo is odd because she is pink and fat. But he decides she is fun so she becomes his pal. Along the way, the lion meets other animals that join his crew such as a giraffe, a comical toucan, an elephant, a zebra and a monkey.

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